3D Bunkers.com is the first in the world to introduce the idea of using 3d concrete printing technology as a new way to build underground bunkers.

This new 3D technology has made it affordable and practical for families and loved ones to be able to protect themselves from the increasing threats of a world catastrophe from a solar flare, wars, viruses, or civil unrest. With traditional bunkers, EVERYONE in your neighborhood can see your “secret” bunker being lifted into your backyard by a huge crane. 3D Concrete Bunkers are printed in your backyard in a deep excavated hole covered by a large tent that makes the bunker completely undetected. The tent is placed over the printer to give added privacy and to keep a controlled environment to fully cure the polymer concrete.

3d Bunker walls are 16 inches thick consisting of 2 separate concrete polymer reinforced walls connected to each other. This game-changing technology is lightyears ahead of any bunker system in the world at half the cost.

3D Concrete Bunkers are built in about 36 hours on-site whereas metal bunkers take 4 to 6 months to build, and the cost for metal fabrication is over 10 times the cost compared to a 3D Printed Bunker.

3D printing technology is only limited to your imagination as we can quickly and easily create artistic curves and design patterns at no extra cost to you.

3D Bunkers can create multiple rooms and tunnels, creating personal space in just a few hours. What was once science fiction is now a reality. Never before could mankind create a safer and more affordable underground bunker with such beautiful designs. Adding extra rooms and tunnels is a smart way to create personal space with added security. Add unlimited storage rooms and bedrooms. Connect a tunnel from your house to your 3D Bunker.

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In 1859 we had the Carrington Event which was a huge X- Class solar flare. If we had an X-flare of that magnitude today with our current electrical infrastructure, it would bring us back to the time of Little House on the Prairie. This is not a joke as millions of people will be without food, water, and electricity and will be pillaging other homes just to survive.

We can talk all day about things to store up such as canned food but unless you have a secret bunker or you are part of a private army, people will violently take what you have. The Amish or any off-grid community will be the first to be attacked by mobs of starving people.

We can choose to enjoy life and not live in fear of the unknown, but we can also be free of fear because we are prepared for the unknown such as the possibility of a world catastrophe. We buy auto and life insurance for the same reason. An X-solar flare is the most probable danger that humans are facing in our lifetime. There are all kinds of dangers surrounding us, but history and science have proven that humans are extremely dependent on our current electrical grid and an X-Class Solar flare will likely hitEarth in our lifetime.

Since 1859, we have had about 9 similar X-class flares in which humans were extremely lucky as the flarewas not pointed at Earth.

The mathematical odds of an X-Flare hitting Earth are about the same as rolling a 12-sided dice seen in the above illustration and landing on an 8 which is facing Earth. The sun wakes up and starts rolling the dice about every 22 years (Solar Cycle) and in March 2023 we had a very scary X-flare shoot off the back side of the sun. It was, fortunately, facing away from Earth, but it was so powerful it still sent a CME toward Earth. They call it the “KILL SHOT” if the dice would have landed on 8.

Either we have an intentional God who is preventing a major CME from hitting Earth or we are just plain lucky. Either way, our time might be running out considering how many X-flares have blasted off the sun over the years.

Here are some videos on our sun.


3D concrete Bunkers are light years ahead of metal bunkers.


  • You can’t keep secret a huge metal bunker being delivered to your house and lifted by a crane. Everyone can see it.
  • 3D Bunkers are completely undetected by a large tent and are secretly built on-site.
  • Metal bunkers are transported many miles to your location and a huge crane is needed which is very costly.
  • Metal bunker fabrication is over 10 times the cost compared to 3D concrete printing.
  • 3D Bunkers take 3 days to build whereas metal bunkers take 4 to 6 months.
  • 3D Bunkers are built on-site by a robotic printer using only 2 technicians.
  • With Metal bunkers, you live in a square metal box with a flat metal roof.
  • 3D Bunkers have beautiful creative design curves/textures and a dome ceiling.
  • Metal bunkers roofs are flat and collect water (rust) whereas polymer domes roofs don’t.
  • Polymer cement is 5 times stronger than Portland cement which is architecturally superior.
  • Keystone domes are the world’s strongest architectural roofs.
  • 3D Bunkers retail for half the price compared to a metal bunker.
  • 3D BUNKERS can create tunnels to your house and a secret entrance fast and inexpensively.
  • Entryways are larger and easier to bring the furniture in.
  • Metal bunkers cannot easily add extended rooms as they would have to weld (seal) them together.
  • 3D Bunkers can create closets, food pantries, and rooms inexpensively and fast.
  • A metal bunker is like a solitary confinement room in which one would go crazy locked up.
  • 3D Bunkers can create separate personal rooms which are psychologically healthier.