3D printed concrete bunkers


“Protecting your way of life” is our mission.

3D BUNKERS is the first in the world to introduce 3D-printed concrete technology as a way to build underground bunkers. In 2012 Brad Morehouse founded BunkerMaker.com which was an underground metal bunker company based in Colorado. In 2016 Morehouse had the idea of 3D concrete printing as a way to create underground bunkers but the technology was not yet viable.

When 3D concrete printing became viable around 2017, Mr. Morehouse started developing systems for the first 3D Concrete printer capable of reaching down into an excavated hole.


At 3D Bunkers, we are seriously having the time of our lives! This new technology has opened the door for fast, safe, affordable, and beautifully designed underground bunkers. We will be selling franchises this August 2023. Our foundation as a company is solid like the concrete we print.    —  3DBUNKERS.COM is entertaining the idea of partnering with the right people who can bring the company to its highest potential. Contact Brad Morehouse on our contact page.