3dConcreteBunkers.com is the first in the world to introduce the idea of using 3d concrete printing
technology as a new way to build underground bunkers.
3d Concrete Bunker walls are 16 inches wide consisting of 3 separate geopolymer-reinforced walls
connected to each other. If one wall were to crack, you would have two other walls to prevent
groundwater from entering. This game changing technology is lightyears ahead of any bunker system in
the world at half the cost.

With traditional bunkers, everyone in your neighborhood can see your “secret” bunker being lifted into
your backyard by a crane. 3D Concrete Bunkers are printed in your backyard in a deep excavated hole
surrounded by large piles of dirt which is completely undetected.
3D Concrete Bunkers are built in about 36 hours on-site whereas metal containers take 4 to 6 months to
build, and the cost of the steel and metal fabrication is over 350% more expensive than a 3D Concrete
Bunker. Transporting a giant steel bunker hundreds of miles to your location is very costly and attracts a
lot of attention when it rolls through your neighborhood.

The key is not letting the whole world know you have a bunker, and this new technology greatly
eliminates that risk at half the cost, and the creative angles/wall are only limited to your imagination.

3dConcreteBunkers.com is a game-changer for anyone who wants a bunker.
This new affordable 3D technology has completely revolutionized the ability to protect our families and
loved ones from the increasing threats of a world catastrophe from a solar flare, wars, viruses, or civil
What is the process for a standard-size underground bunker?
When our team arrives on day 1, we excavate the hole for the bunker. On day 2 we print the 3d
concrete bunker down deep in the hole and let the geopolymer concrete cure overnight and on day 3
we cover it up. We are in and out in just 3 to 4 days and the neighbors will have no idea there's a bunker
in your backyard.
3D printing technology is only limited to your imagination as we can quickly and easily create tunnels
connecting multiple rooms and print secret tunnel entryways. Instead of flat box walls like in a prison
cell, we can create beautiful artistic angles and curves at no extra cost. The printer is very quiet and can
run for hours on end and can print a bunker in one day. Adding extra rooms and tunnels is a smart way
to create personal space with added security.
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